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Ghosts of the Desert (With Ryan Ireland)

ryan ireland returns to the show to talk his new novel ghosts of the desert with host ryan peverly and friend of the show mike zimmerman, who may or may not accidentally sound like darth vader (pesky technology!).

visit ryangireland.com for more info on ryan and ghosts of the desert.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

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to drink, to dance, to love (with sergey kuznetsov)

russian author & journalist sergey kuznetsov joins the show from paris to talk about the english translation of his novel butterfly skin, being a pioneer of the internet in russia, the recent shootings in paris, government manipulation of news & information, love, sex, violence & much, much more!

sergey was born & raised in moscow. in the late 90s he became a leading russian film & pop-culture critic, & achieved prominence as one of the pioneers of the internet in russia. he has actively contributed to magazines such as harper’s bazaar, playboy, vogue & l’officiel, as well as publications such as the new york times & huffington post. in 2001 he became the first russian journalist to be awarded the knight fellowship at stanford university. kuznetsov is the author of the nineties: a fairy tale (a detective trilogy) & PG21, a futuristic novel (together with linor goralik). his novel butterfly skin has acquired cult status in russia & has been translated into five languages (the english translation was published in 2014 from titan books). his story “moscow reincarnations” was included in the anthology moscow noir (akashic books, 2010). The english translation of his critically acclaimed novel the circle dance of water is forthcoming from dalkey archive press. follow sergey on twitter @skuzn.

read my review of butterfly skin on litreactor.com from september 2014 here.

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what if (with tj turner)

author tj turner talks about his first novel, lincoln’s bodyguard, which attempts to answer the question: what if lincoln had survived the assassination attempt by john wilkes booth?

in addition to being a novelist, tj is an historian, a research scientist for the united states air force and a federal agent. he has a master’s degree from cornell university. he’s served three tours in afghanistan as a reserve military officer and in 2013 was awarded the bronze star medal, which is given to members of the united states armed forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone. tj is online at tjturnerauthor.com, and can be found on Twitter @AuthorTJTurner.

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radical revelations (with flagg miller)

author flagg miller talks about his new book, the audacious ascetic: what the bin laden tapes reveal about al-qa’ida.

flagg is a professor of religious studies at the university of california, davis. trained as a linguistic anthropologist, his first book, the moral resonance of arab media: audio-cassette poetry and culture in yemen, examined how yemenis have used traditional poetry and new media technologies to envision a productive relationship between tribalism and progressive muslim reform. follow flagg on twitter @FlaggMiller. learn more about the book at audaciousascetic.com.

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sequence 2 begins dec. 28

transmission 7 (dec. 28) – flagg miller – author, the audacious ascetic – @FlaggMiller

transmission 8 (jan. 4) – tj turner – author, lincoln’s bodyguard – @AuthorTJTurner

transmission 9 (jan. 11) – kaitrin mccoy – singer/songwriter – @ickyromantic

transmission 10 (jan. 18) – sergey kuznetsov – author/journalist/internet entrepreneur – @skuzn

transmission 11 (jan. 25) – tom carey – author, inside the real area 51: the secret history of wright-patterson & the forthcoming the children of roswell: a seven-decade legacy of fear, intimidation & cover-ups

little foam cinnamon-y things (with joshua chaplinsky)

author joshua chaplinsky talks about his new book (kanye west-reanimator), 90s hip hop, 9/11 & the deliciousness of taco bell.

josh is the managing editor of litreactor.com. he has also written for twitchfilm and chuckpalahniuk.net. his short fiction has/will appear in zetetic, motherboard, dark moon digest, thuglit, l’allure des mots, pantheon magazine, fabula argentea, and crack the spine. follow him on twitter at @JaceyCockrobin. more info at joshuachaplinsky.com.

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talkie (with zack parker)

writer & director zack parker talks about filmmaking, his career & why he’s scared of human beings.

a native of the midwest, zack has progressively established himself as a unique voice is modern independent cinema. His credits include the psychological horror film inexchange, the gothic drama quench, the perceptual thriller and new york times critic’s pick scalene, and the enigmatic proxy, which premiered at the prestigious toronto international film festival in 2013 and later went on to release by ifc midnight.

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american myth is crap (with ryan ireland)

author ryan ireland joins host ryan peverly and co-host mike zimmerman to talk about his debut novel beyond the horizon, being held at gunpoint in a ghost town, and why the history of america isn’t exactly what we were taught as kids.

ryan’s writing has been published in fogdog review, writing on the edge and seems, and in 2009 he was named one of the 25 best new writers by glimmer train. follow him on twitter @ryangireland and visit his website, ryangireland.com. beyond the horizon is available for purchase on amazon. his second novel, ghosts of the desert, is due out in spring 2016.

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