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Congressional Dish (With Jen Briney)

Jen Briney is the host of the Podcast Award-nominated Congressional Dish, a twice monthly podcast exposing the secrets drowned out by the partisan noise in the United States Congress. By interpreting legislation, summarizing Congressional hearings and following the money, Jen analyzes the actions of Congress that are generally ignored by the corporate media, delivering the information from the perspective of a fed-up taxpayer who bears no allegiance to any political party or ideology.

Check the show out at congressionaldish.com or on Twitter @CongressDish. Jen is on Twitter @JenBriney.

Love Yourself | Think for Yourself | Question Authority

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Best Kept Secret or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ourselves (With Elizabeth April)

Reality as we know it is evolving right before our eyes. All you have to do is turn on your TV, log on to the internet or open up a newspaper to see that the veil is finally being lifted, and things that have been mere speculation on sketchy internet forums are now playing out for the world to see.

On the surface this looks like a tremendous paradigm shift that isn’t for the betterment of people like you and me, common folks trying to eke out a living in the slowly deteriorating middle class. But all hope is not lost, and my guest in this transmission, Elizabeth April, is here to talk about how we can go about changing not just the world around us, but also the world within us.

Elizabeth is an experimental psychic from Canada who’s spent the last several years of her life helping clientele expand and access their consciousness and a universal understanding through past life regressions and psychic readings.

In addition to consciousness, Elizabeth and I touch on subjects such as the global political economy, past lives, reincarnation and quantum mechanics, and we outline a three-step process for avoiding egotistical relapse. This is probably my favorite podcast I’ve recorded to date. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can keep up with Elizabeth at ElizabethApril.com, or on Facebook by searching Psychic Elizabeth April, on Twitter @ElizabethApril_, on Instagram @elizabeth.april, and on Snapchat @psychicea. All those social links will drive you to her YouTube channel, where she talks about many of the same topics we get into in this transmission.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

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god on your lips (with kaitrin mccoy aka icky romantic)

singer-songwriter kaitrin mccoy (icky romantic) is on the show to talk her new ep, decoded. she was gracious enough to debut the first single from it, cool cat (no joke, it’s quite good). we also get into some political talk, some brief thoughts on love & discussion of music as self-therapy.

kaitrin lives & works around cincinnati, ohio. she is a classically trained vocalist & pianist (one of her “gigs” is teaching voice lessons) & has bachelor degrees in journalism & music composition from ohio university. she started writing songs as a freshman in college (long story short, she had a lot of feelings about a lot of boys). her musical influences range from musical theater to progressive rock, the big four being imogen heap, regina spektor, radiohead & stephen sondheim. more info at ickyromantic.bandcamp.com/releases (where you can buy/sample her first ep, naked) & at facebook.com/ickyromantic.

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what if (with tj turner)

author tj turner talks about his first novel, lincoln’s bodyguard, which attempts to answer the question: what if lincoln had survived the assassination attempt by john wilkes booth?

in addition to being a novelist, tj is an historian, a research scientist for the united states air force and a federal agent. he has a master’s degree from cornell university. he’s served three tours in afghanistan as a reserve military officer and in 2013 was awarded the bronze star medal, which is given to members of the united states armed forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone. tj is online at tjturnerauthor.com, and can be found on Twitter @AuthorTJTurner.

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little foam cinnamon-y things (with joshua chaplinsky)

author joshua chaplinsky talks about his new book (kanye west-reanimator), 90s hip hop, 9/11 & the deliciousness of taco bell.

josh is the managing editor of litreactor.com. he has also written for twitchfilm and chuckpalahniuk.net. his short fiction has/will appear in zetetic, motherboard, dark moon digest, thuglit, l’allure des mots, pantheon magazine, fabula argentea, and crack the spine. follow him on twitter at @JaceyCockrobin. more info at joshuachaplinsky.com.

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when storytelling happens (with bryan suddith)

back porch story slamm creator bryan suddith talks collaboration, politics & how storytelling can bring people together.

bryan is a digital marketer & content creator. he holds a master’s degree in public administration from the university of dayton & a bachelor’s degree from murray state university. his diverse professional background also includes jobs in local government, nonprofit & political campaign management.

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sequence 1 begins nov. 4

transmission 1 (nov. 4): ryan ireland – author, beyond the horizon – @ryangireland

transmission 2 (nov. 11): jonathon keats –  experimental philosopher / artist / writer / forbes contributor – @jonathonkeats

transmission 3 (nov. 18): zack parker – writer / director / producer, along the tracks productions – @parkerthezack

transmission 4 (nov. 25): dennis hill – biochemist, cured his own cancer with cannabis oil

transmission (dec. 2): bryan suddith – former political campaign manager / creator, back porch story slamm – @bryansuddith

transmission 6 (dec. 9): joshua chaplinksy – author, kanye west-reanimator / managing editor, litreactor.com – @jaceycockrobin