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make it louder (with mike barclay)

mike barclay is on the show to talk the origins of make it louder, a new concept festival in salt lake city, utah, that merges a daylong music festival with local charities & businesses.

mike is the owner & founder of guy in the pink shirt productions & make it louder. check out milofestival.com for more info on the event, or search make it louder on facebook, twitter & instagram.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com

90s kids (with atari jones)

internet hip-hop sensation atari jones is in the house to talk the lack of substance in modern music, music as language & storytelling, why the 90s had the best sound of any decade & much more!

recently signed to label lawless inc., atari is a 22-year-old cleveland native. his self-described indie stoner rap music grew from a childhood of writing poetry & being surrounded by music of all genres. atari has built up a cult following on social media & you can find him on soundcloud, twitter and facebook.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com | atari jones – “1998”

god on your lips (with kaitrin mccoy aka icky romantic)

singer-songwriter kaitrin mccoy (icky romantic) is on the show to talk her new ep, decoded. she was gracious enough to debut the first single from it, cool cat (no joke, it’s quite good). we also get into some political talk, some brief thoughts on love & discussion of music as self-therapy.

kaitrin lives & works around cincinnati, ohio. she is a classically trained vocalist & pianist (one of her “gigs” is teaching voice lessons) & has bachelor degrees in journalism & music composition from ohio university. she started writing songs as a freshman in college (long story short, she had a lot of feelings about a lot of boys). her musical influences range from musical theater to progressive rock, the big four being imogen heap, regina spektor, radiohead & stephen sondheim. more info at ickyromantic.bandcamp.com/releases (where you can buy/sample her first ep, naked) & at facebook.com/ickyromantic.

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com | icky romantic – “cool cat”

sequence 2 begins dec. 28

transmission 7 (dec. 28) – flagg miller – author, the audacious ascetic – @FlaggMiller

transmission 8 (jan. 4) – tj turner – author, lincoln’s bodyguard – @AuthorTJTurner

transmission 9 (jan. 11) – kaitrin mccoy – singer/songwriter – @ickyromantic

transmission 10 (jan. 18) – sergey kuznetsov – author/journalist/internet entrepreneur – @skuzn

transmission 11 (jan. 25) – tom carey – author, inside the real area 51: the secret history of wright-patterson & the forthcoming the children of roswell: a seven-decade legacy of fear, intimidation & cover-ups