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High Treason (With Johnny Cirucci)

When you venture down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, one of the first threads you unravel is that of groups such as the Freemasons and the hidden power they wield over the world we live in. And while groups like that have exerted an awful lot of influence over every aspect of our existence, Johnny Cirucci says that even the most secret of secret societies have to answer to someone.

Johnny is the host of Resistance Rising on Blog Talk Radio, and his 800-page book Illuminati Unmasked shines the light on a little known sect inside the Vatican known as the Royal Society of Jesus. Johnny’s contention is that this group, also known as the Jesuits, are the true powers that be who secretly control, manipulate and mindfuck us all into a state of fear and submission.

Johnny is not afraid to give names, places and dates, and in fact he told me he wouldn’t be talking about this stuff unless he could present names, places and dates. What’s more, Johnny is an armed forces veteran and a born-again Christian who left the Catholic church, and he ventured down this path guided by both his experience behind the curtain of the war machine and his unwavering faith in God.


Topics we touch on:
Immigration and free trade being cancers to America
Barack Obama’s mysterious background
CIA drug trafficking
The Great Whore of Babylon being Rome
America acting as the Fourth Reich
Zionist Jews acting as a front for a Jesuit world order
Tracing secret societies back to Rome
Lucifer as an evil entity being a misdirection
The apocryphal Book of Enoch
Having a foundation of protection against evil
The occult and Aleister Crowley
The Franklin Coverup
Mormonism being connected to Freemasonry
Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt’s Jesuit upbringing
Templars being disciples of the real messiah John the Baptist
Pat Tillman’s mysterious death

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the letter a (with tom carey)

best-selling author tom carey is in the house to talk about the roswell ufo incident & how it connects to wright-patterson air force base.

tom has a ph.d. in anthropology. he became interested in ufos while in high school and rekindled that interest when he became the mufon (mutual ufo network) state section director for southeastern pennsylvania (1986-2002). in that capacity, tom investigated local ufo sightings in the delaware valley which encompasses the five-county area surrounding philadelphia. since 1991, tom’s research has focused solely on the so-called “roswell incident” and the alleged retrieval/cover-up by the u.s. government of an alien spaceship and crew that crash near the town of roswell, new mexico in july 1947. in this research, tom has worked closely with roswell investigators kevin randle & don schmitt (since 1998). tom was a special investigator for cufos (the j. allen hynek center for ufo studies) from 1992-1997 and served on its board of directors from 1997-2001.

tom’s research has contributed to a number of books and articles on the Roswell Incident such as the truth about the ufo crash at roswell (1994) by randle and schmitt and will ultimately yield additional books and articles on the subject. additionally, tom has appeared as a guest on many radio and television shows concerning the roswell incident as well as appearing in roswell documentaries. he has lectured all over the country regarding the subject as well. his portrait appears in the hall of fame at the international ufo museum and research center in roswell, new mexico for his continuing contributions to our understanding of the roswell events of 1947. with don schmitt, tom was the investigative consultant for the highly acclaimed and top-rated syfy channel documentary, the roswell crash: startling new evidence. most recently, tom has appeared on larry king live, cn8 weekend live, the fox news channel, coast to coast am with george noory & the jeff rense show.

visit tom online at roswellinvestigator.com.

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to drink, to dance, to love (with sergey kuznetsov)

russian author & journalist sergey kuznetsov joins the show from paris to talk about the english translation of his novel butterfly skin, being a pioneer of the internet in russia, the recent shootings in paris, government manipulation of news & information, love, sex, violence & much, much more!

sergey was born & raised in moscow. in the late 90s he became a leading russian film & pop-culture critic, & achieved prominence as one of the pioneers of the internet in russia. he has actively contributed to magazines such as harper’s bazaar, playboy, vogue & l’officiel, as well as publications such as the new york times & huffington post. in 2001 he became the first russian journalist to be awarded the knight fellowship at stanford university. kuznetsov is the author of the nineties: a fairy tale (a detective trilogy) & PG21, a futuristic novel (together with linor goralik). his novel butterfly skin has acquired cult status in russia & has been translated into five languages (the english translation was published in 2014 from titan books). his story “moscow reincarnations” was included in the anthology moscow noir (akashic books, 2010). The english translation of his critically acclaimed novel the circle dance of water is forthcoming from dalkey archive press. follow sergey on twitter @skuzn.

read my review of butterfly skin on litreactor.com from september 2014 here.

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