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geometric thoughtscapes (with wanderweird)

wanderweird, purveyor of fine psychedelic art, is in the house to discuss his work, the nature of reality, mythology & much more!

if you’re into comic books, video games, paintings & drawings, or if you’re fond of psychedelic culture & the teachings & writings of dr. timothy leary & terence mckenna, or if you’ve studied things like gnosticism, hermeticism & the ancient mythological stories that have threads in every known culture and religion on earth, you’ll certainly dig wanderweird’s art. check out wanderweird.com or search wanderweird on facebook. and please donate to wanderweird’s kickstarter to help him print up some comic books here.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com

interlude 1 (with bruce o. hughes)

comic book creator bruce o. hughes stops by the show to talk about pop culture, GMOs & the difficulty of peeing indoors.

after years of trying to make it in mainstream comic books bruce o. hughes has finally found his calling writing & drawing humorous modern retellings of both the mythological & the mundane with “clobber vance: the man with the magical mouth”, a charming hybrid of fantasy and western mythos with “iron & ink” and a space romp in the vein of our cosmic comic fore-fathers with “finite”. when not creating universes through pixel & paper or expanding his collection of rejection emails from publishers big & small, bruce makes up one half of the semi-regular comic podcasting duo known as collected issues! check out bruce’s continuing adventures at bruceohughes.com!

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com