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man of science, man of faith (with dennis hill)

biochemist dennis hill talks about how he cured his prostate cancer with cannabis oil, his meditation practices and the near-death experience that changed his life.

dennis holds a chemistry degree from the university of houston. he did post graduate studies at baylor medical school, department of physiology. he worked in cancer research at m.d. anderson hospital for 10 years, and hospital administration for another 10 years after m.b.a. studies at st. edwards university in houston. he moved to california in 1993 to work in software engineering, and is currently writing custom database software in addition to teaching meditation classes.

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com

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sequence 1 begins nov. 4

transmission 1 (nov. 4): ryan ireland – author, beyond the horizon – @ryangireland

transmission 2 (nov. 11): jonathon keats Р experimental philosopher / artist / writer / forbes contributor Р@jonathonkeats

transmission 3 (nov. 18): zack parker – writer / director / producer, along the tracks productions – @parkerthezack

transmission 4 (nov. 25): dennis hill – biochemist, cured his own cancer with cannabis oil

transmission (dec. 2): bryan suddith – former political campaign manager / creator, back porch story slamm – @bryansuddith

transmission 6 (dec. 9): joshua chaplinksy Рauthor, kanye west-reanimator / managing editor, litreactor.com Р@jaceycockrobin