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geometric thoughtscapes (with wanderweird)

wanderweird, purveyor of fine psychedelic art, is in the house to discuss his work, the nature of reality, mythology & much more!

if you’re into comic books, video games, paintings & drawings, or if you’re fond of psychedelic culture & the teachings & writings of dr. timothy leary & terence mckenna, or if you’ve studied things like gnosticism, hermeticism & the ancient mythological stories that have threads in every known culture and religion on earth, you’ll certainly dig wanderweird’s art. check out wanderweird.com or search wanderweird on facebook. and please donate to wanderweird’s kickstarter to help him print up some comic books here.

love yourself | think for yourself | question authority

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thought experiment (with jonathon keats)

experimental philosopher jonathon keats talks about pangaea optima, his idea for a geoengineered supercontinent that could solve the climate crisis.

acclaimed as a “poet of ideas” by the new yorker and a “multimedia philosopher-prophet” by the atlantic, jonathon keats is an experimental philosopher, artist, and writer based in san francisco and northern italy. his conceptually-driven interdisciplinary projects explore all aspects of society through science and technology. in recent years, he has built a camera to take a continuous thousand-year-long exposure of the changing landscape at arizona state university; opened a photosynthetic restaurant serving gourmet sunlight to plants at the crocker art museum; exhibited extraterrestrial abstract artwork decoded from arecibo observatory radiotelescope data at the judah l. magnes museum; and applied quantum mechanics to banking – coaxing money into a quantum superposition to be shared by everyone – at rockefeller center. he is the recipient of a 2015-16 art + technology lab grant from the los angeles county museum of art, where he is applying neuroscience to fashion, and he is concurrently developing an epic work of technology-driven land art in collaboration with the long now foundation and the nevada museum of art. exhibited internationally, keats’s projects have been documented by pbs, reuters, and the bbc world service, garnering favorable attention in periodicals ranging from science magazine to flash art magazine to the economist. his latest book, forged: why fakes are the great art of our age, was published in 2013 by oxford university press, which will also publish his forthcoming book on the legacy of buckminster fuller in 2016. He is represented by modernism gallery in san francisco and by baang+burne in new york.

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” – kingslovejacks.com

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sequence 1 begins nov. 4

transmission 1 (nov. 4): ryan ireland – author, beyond the horizon – @ryangireland

transmission 2 (nov. 11): jonathon keats –  experimental philosopher / artist / writer / forbes contributor – @jonathonkeats

transmission 3 (nov. 18): zack parker – writer / director / producer, along the tracks productions – @parkerthezack

transmission 4 (nov. 25): dennis hill – biochemist, cured his own cancer with cannabis oil

transmission (dec. 2): bryan suddith – former political campaign manager / creator, back porch story slamm – @bryansuddith

transmission 6 (dec. 9): joshua chaplinksy – author, kanye west-reanimator / managing editor, litreactor.com – @jaceycockrobin