Sexual Healing (With Brie Marie)

It is the most powerful form of energy that most people don’t recognize or realize. We’ve all had it, we all enjoy it. It is sex, and we’re talking all about it with my guest tonight, Brie Marie.

Some out there think of sex as strictly a reproductive activity; others see it as more of a recreational activity. Hard to argue with either side there, but sex also has a mystic and magical quality to it. It’s something ancient cultures built entire ritual practices and traditions around.

We can start simple, with the health benefits of sex, and there are many of them, backed by scientific and medical research. It’s a great form of exercise (and a lot more fun than running and lifting weights, right?). It’s also a proven pain and stress reliever, and it lowers blood pressure, improves sleep patterns and strengthens the immune system.

But ancient cultures weren’t tapping into sexual energy for the clean bill of physical health that came with it. No, they were more interested in how that energy could awaken them at their core, how it could raise the frequency at which they were vibrating, and help uncoil that energy at the base of the spine that the Hindus call kundalini, which can not only help you achieve an orgasmic state, but also an enlightened one.

Now, my personal discovery of the power of sexual energy did not happen that long ago. And I have to say, it was a powerful experience, almost overwhelming. And not long after that happened I stumbled upon my guest tonight, Brie Marie, on Instagram. Brie is only 22 years old, and she’s already a Reiki master and tarot reader, and leads various online workshops based on her knowledge of Reiki and other various energy healing modalities.

Brie does a video blog that she promotes across her various social media profiles, and I saw her share something one day about sexual energy. Having been new to this topic, I was immediately intrigued and reached out to Brie to see if she wanted to hop on a podcast and, really, just kinda shoot the shit about it. So that’s what we did, and that’s what you’re gonna hear.

Brie and I touch on various topics, including sex as a conscious and subconscious energetic exchange, pornography, sex coaching, sex on the astral plane, embracing one’s sexuality, how important sex is to relationships, the vagina being the most powerful force in this life, and the rise of feminine energy here on earth.

It’s a interesting conversation between two young people who are still learning about themselves and the world around them. I love it, and I hope you do too. Enjoy.

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