american myth is crap (with ryan ireland)

author ryan ireland joins host ryan peverly and co-host mike zimmerman to talk about his debut novel beyond the horizon, being held at gunpoint in a ghost town, and why the history of america isn’t exactly what we were taught as kids.

ryan’s writing has been published in fogdog review, writing on the edge and seems, and in 2009 he was named one of the 25 best new writers by glimmer train. follow him on twitter @ryangireland and visit his website, beyond the horizon is available for purchase on amazon. his second novel, ghosts of the desert, is due out in spring 2016.

music: kingslovejacks – “chase” –

sequence 1 begins nov. 4

transmission 1 (nov. 4): ryan ireland – author, beyond the horizon – @ryangireland

transmission 2 (nov. 11): jonathon keats Р experimental philosopher / artist / writer / forbes contributor Р@jonathonkeats

transmission 3 (nov. 18): zack parker – writer / director / producer, along the tracks productions – @parkerthezack

transmission 4 (nov. 25): dennis hill – biochemist, cured his own cancer with cannabis oil

transmission (dec. 2): bryan suddith – former political campaign manager / creator, back porch story slamm – @bryansuddith

transmission 6 (dec. 9): joshua chaplinksy Рauthor, kanye west-reanimator / managing editor, Р@jaceycockrobin

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