[Occulture Prelude] Astrological Awakening (With Carmen Di Luccio)

Astrologer Carmen Di Luccio talks sun signs, natal charts and the astrological awakening.

Visit Carmen online at carmendiluccio.com, or by searching him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Read his articles for Collective Evolution here: http://www.collective-evolution.com/author/carmend/

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Congressional Dish (With Jen Briney)

Jen Briney is the host of the Podcast Award-nominated Congressional Dish, a twice monthly podcast exposing the secrets drowned out by the partisan noise in the United States Congress. By interpreting legislation, summarizing Congressional hearings and following the money, Jen analyzes the actions of Congress that are generally ignored by the corporate media, delivering the information from the perspective of a fed-up taxpayer who bears no allegiance to any political party or ideology.

Check the show out at congressionaldish.com or on Twitter @CongressDish. Jen is on Twitter @JenBriney.

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High Treason (With Johnny Cirucci)

When you venture down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, one of the first threads you unravel is that of groups such as the Freemasons and the hidden power they wield over the world we live in. And while groups like that have exerted an awful lot of influence over every aspect of our existence, Johnny Cirucci says that even the most secret of secret societies have to answer to someone.

Johnny is the host of Resistance Rising on Blog Talk Radio, and his 800-page book Illuminati Unmasked shines the light on a little known sect inside the Vatican known as the Royal Society of Jesus. Johnny’s contention is that this group, also known as the Jesuits, are the true powers that be who secretly control, manipulate and mindfuck us all into a state of fear and submission.

Johnny is not afraid to give names, places and dates, and in fact he told me he wouldn’t be talking about this stuff unless he could present names, places and dates. What’s more, Johnny is an armed forces veteran and a born-again Christian who left the Catholic church, and he ventured down this path guided by both his experience behind the curtain of the war machine and his unwavering faith in God.


Topics we touch on:
Immigration and free trade being cancers to America
Barack Obama’s mysterious background
CIA drug trafficking
The Great Whore of Babylon being Rome
America acting as the Fourth Reich
Zionist Jews acting as a front for a Jesuit world order
Tracing secret societies back to Rome
Lucifer as an evil entity being a misdirection
The apocryphal Book of Enoch
Having a foundation of protection against evil
The occult and Aleister Crowley
The Franklin Coverup
Mormonism being connected to Freemasonry
Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt’s Jesuit upbringing
Templars being disciples of the real messiah John the Baptist
Pat Tillman’s mysterious death

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Mike Reads From the Goddam Catcher in the Rye (With Mike Zimmerman)

Friend of the show Mike Zimmerman stops by to read his favorite passage from The Catcher in the Rye. He also tells Joe Rogan to go to hell and delivers his best stand-up joke.

Other topics discussed include:
Library cards
Audiobooks read in British accents
Other podcasts we like
How we don’t laugh out loud much
Stand-up comedy
Conservative and liberal dictionaries
Mathematics & language
The Golden Ratio in nature and design
The attractiveness of facial structures
Nat Geo’s Brain Games
LED clapboards
The Psychology of Influence
Pick-up artists
Social skills
Small talk
Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sex being taboo
Public speaking
Being uncomfortable & changing habits in order to grow

Mike is on Twitter @DrRevMikeZ.

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Sexual Healing (With Brie Marie)

It is the most powerful form of energy that most people don’t recognize or realize. We’ve all had it, we all enjoy it. It is sex, and we’re talking all about it with my guest tonight, Brie Marie.

Some out there think of sex as strictly a reproductive activity; others see it as more of a recreational activity. Hard to argue with either side there, but sex also has a mystic and magical quality to it. It’s something ancient cultures built entire ritual practices and traditions around.

We can start simple, with the health benefits of sex, and there are many of them, backed by scientific and medical research. It’s a great form of exercise (and a lot more fun than running and lifting weights, right?). It’s also a proven pain and stress reliever, and it lowers blood pressure, improves sleep patterns and strengthens the immune system.

But ancient cultures weren’t tapping into sexual energy for the clean bill of physical health that came with it. No, they were more interested in how that energy could awaken them at their core, how it could raise the frequency at which they were vibrating, and help uncoil that energy at the base of the spine that the Hindus call kundalini, which can not only help you achieve an orgasmic state, but also an enlightened one.

Now, my personal discovery of the power of sexual energy did not happen that long ago. And I have to say, it was a powerful experience, almost overwhelming. And not long after that happened I stumbled upon my guest tonight, Brie Marie, on Instagram. Brie is only 22 years old, and she’s already a Reiki master and tarot reader, and leads various online workshops based on her knowledge of Reiki and other various energy healing modalities.

Brie does a video blog that she promotes across her various social media profiles, and I saw her share something one day about sexual energy. Having been new to this topic, I was immediately intrigued and reached out to Brie to see if she wanted to hop on a podcast and, really, just kinda shoot the shit about it. So that’s what we did, and that’s what you’re gonna hear.

Brie and I touch on various topics, including sex as a conscious and subconscious energetic exchange, pornography, sex coaching, sex on the astral plane, embracing one’s sexuality, how important sex is to relationships, the vagina being the most powerful force in this life, and the rise of feminine energy here on earth.

It’s a interesting conversation between two young people who are still learning about themselves and the world around them. I love it, and I hope you do too. Enjoy.

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Best Kept Secret or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ourselves (With Elizabeth April)

Reality as we know it is evolving right before our eyes. All you have to do is turn on your TV, log on to the internet or open up a newspaper to see that the veil is finally being lifted, and things that have been mere speculation on sketchy internet forums are now playing out for the world to see.

On the surface this looks like a tremendous paradigm shift that isn’t for the betterment of people like you and me, common folks trying to eke out a living in the slowly deteriorating middle class. But all hope is not lost, and my guest in this transmission, Elizabeth April, is here to talk about how we can go about changing not just the world around us, but also the world within us.

Elizabeth is an experimental psychic from Canada who’s spent the last several years of her life helping clientele expand and access their consciousness and a universal understanding through past life regressions and psychic readings.

In addition to consciousness, Elizabeth and I touch on subjects such as the global political economy, past lives, reincarnation and quantum mechanics, and we outline a three-step process for avoiding egotistical relapse. This is probably my favorite podcast I’ve recorded to date. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can keep up with Elizabeth at ElizabethApril.com, or on Facebook by searching Psychic Elizabeth April, on Twitter @ElizabethApril_, on Instagram @elizabeth.april, and on Snapchat @psychicea. All those social links will drive you to her YouTube channel, where she talks about many of the same topics we get into in this transmission.

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On Spirituality & Other Such Things (With Monroe Rodriguez Singh)

Spiritualist Monroe Rodriguez Singh drops by the show to talk religion, spirituality, reincarnation, The World Tree & much more!

Follow Monroe on Twitter @sikhdiviner, or on Facebook @vudutarot.

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Cultural Collusion (With Dr. Marty Fox)

Dr. Marty Fox joins the show to talk about what’s expected inside and outside of the upcoming Republican National Convention; the systematic takeover of culture by liberalism; the collusion between groups like Black Lives Matter, the media, government, and wealthy private influencers; what may happen if the RNC is shut down due to violent protesting; and much more!

Dr. Fox is a conservative Republican and former talk radio show host. He currently owns and operates a plastic surgery practice in Louisville, Kentucky. Follow him on Twitter @DrMartyFox.

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Ghosts of the Desert (With Ryan Ireland)

ryan ireland returns to the show to talk his new novel ghosts of the desert with host ryan peverly and friend of the show mike zimmerman, who may or may not accidentally sound like darth vader (pesky technology!).

visit ryangireland.com for more info on ryan and ghosts of the desert.

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